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Tests try to get body to grow bypasses
Aug 31, 2004
Experiments at the National Institutes of Health marks are attempting to get the body to grow its own bypasses, at first in the legs and, if that works, perhaps later in the heart.

Diabetes Going Undetected in Many Heart Patients
Aug 30, 2004
Diabetes is an undetected and silent threat for many people who end up with heart disease, according to new research published on Monday.

HIV diagnosis wrong after 8 years
Aug 30, 2004
A California man who once tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS has learned the diagnosis made eight years ago was mistaken and he was never infected.

Bonding over tragedies
Aug 29, 2004
Two families grow close as they watch the life-changing struggles of their young sons.

Business booms in care for obese
Aug 29, 2004
At St. Luke's Hospital, each of the 14 new neurology intensive care rooms has a feature that's becoming standard in the health care industry: a patient lift system that can handle 600 pounds.

Drinking water suspected in Ohio outbreak
Aug 28, 2004
Investigators searching for the source of an outbreak that sickened hundreds of travelers on a Lake Erie resort island are focusing on drinking water.

Got Grapefruit? It May Help You Lose Weight
Aug 28, 2004
Eating half of a grapefruit three times per day before meals appears to help people shed unwanted pounds, according to new study findings reported this week.

Chiron Shares Drop on Plans to Delay Flu Vaccine Shipments
Aug 27, 2004
Shares of Chiron Corp., the world's second-biggest seller of influenza vaccines, fell as much as 9.5 percent after saying it would delay shipments of its Fluvirin flu shots until October because of a possible product flaw.

Frozen chicken recalled for pieces of metal
Aug 27, 2004
86,000 pounds of Banquet breast strips distributed nationally

Researchers link soft drinks to diabetes
Aug 26, 2004
The doctors behind one of the nation's most comprehensive public health studies have concluded what most dieters already know: Chugging down sodas packs on the pounds.



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