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Asthma link to household cleaning products
Aug 26, 2004
Exposure at a young age to certain chemicals in household cleaning products may increase the risk of developing asthma, according to an Australian study.

Five Diseases Help Drive US Health Spending Rise
Aug 25, 2004
A handful of conditions such as mental illness, stroke, diabetes and lung disease accounted for much of the huge increase in health-care spending dating back to the late 1980s, US researchers said on Wednesday.

Study: Soda linked to diabetes in women
Aug 25, 2004
Women who drink more than one sweetened soft drink a day are slightly more likely to develop diabetes than women who drink less than one a month, according to a new study.

Viagra abuse may boost sex diseases
Aug 24, 2004
San Francisco has petitioned federal regulators to warn that the anti-impotence drugs like Viagra use could increase the risk of sexually transmitted disease and HIV, officials said on Monday.

Blood pressure rising
Aug 24, 2004
The number of adults with high blood pressure has climbed to almost one in three over the past decade, researchers say.

Dec 09, 2003
Dear Sister;
Brothers have stories too so please bear with me and let me tell my
I met my lovely wife 32 years ago. She was my high school sweetheart. Our
union produced seven lovely children all of whom are now grown and living
their separate lives.

Jul 22, 2003
Ramon Martinez is a humble man. He is 61 years of age and an agile man in search of a dream of one day have a medical center in his town of Livingston on the Atlantic coast of Guatemala.



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