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Experts Seek to Debunk Baby Food Myths
Oct 09, 2005
Ditch the rice cereal and mashed peas, and make way for enchiladas, curry and even — gasp! — hot peppers. It's time to discard everything you think you know about feeding babies. It turns out most advice parents get about weaning infants onto solid foods — even from pediatricians — is more myth than science.

U.S. Developing Plan for Flu Pandemic
Oct 08, 2005
A super-flu could kill up to 1.9 million Americans, according to a draft of the government's plan to fight a worldwide epidemic.

How Do You Want Your Cold Medicine?
Oct 07, 2005
Pocket-size throat sprays. Thin strips that melt in your mouth. Freezer pops. Like Mary Poppins with her spoonful of sugar, the makers of cold remedies are offering creative ways to help the medicine go down.

Test Shows Vaccine Prevents Cervical Cancer
Oct 06, 2005
The first large study of an experimental cervical cancer vaccine found it was 100 percent effective, in the short term, at blocking the most common forms of the disease, drugmaker Merck & Co. said Thursday. Its shares rose more than 2 percent in morning trading.

WHO: Chronic Disease May Kill 400M by 2015
Oct 05, 2005
Nearly 400 million people will die from heart disease, diabetes and other chronic ailments over the next 10 years, but many of those deaths can be prevented by healthier lifestyles and inexpensive medication, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.

Surgeon: Indian Twins Could Be Separated
Oct 04, 2005
An American neurosurgeon said Tuesday he believes 10-year-old Indian twins joined at the skull could survive surgery to separate them, but that he will wait for more test results before deciding to perform the complex operation.

WHO Tries to Allay Bird Flu Fears
Oct 01, 2005
The World Health Organization moved Friday to revise alarming predictions that a pandemic stemming from the bird flu virus ravaging parts of Asia could kill as many as 150 million people.

FDA Warns About ADHD Drug Strattera
Sep 29, 2005
The Food and Drug Administration warned doctors Thursday about reports of suicidal thinking in some children and adolescents who are taking Strattera, a drug used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Face/Off to become a reality?
Sep 19, 2005
FACE/OFF, the riveting movie starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage springs to mind immediately. The five men and seven women who will be interviewed at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, US over the next few weeks will almost certainly think about it.

Digital mammography may improve cancer detection
Sep 16, 2005
As a screening measure for breast cancer, digital mammography is more accurate than conventional mammography at detecting disease in women with dense breasts, women younger than 50 years of age, and premenopausal women, new



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