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International Airlines and Wholesalers are Betting on 'Destination-Guatemala'
Sep 08, 2004
Guatemala is the talk of the industry as the new tourist destination, thanks to recent agreements

Task Force Tightening Border Security
Sep 07, 2004
least one Saudi-born member of al Qaeda, Adnan el Shukrijumah, may have been in Tegucigalpa in July, having crossed the border illegally from Nicaragua after a

Migrant's trip a rare look at smuggling scheme
Sep 07, 2004
to Baltimore. But he was really Arturo from Honduras. The ID ... Arturo said. "But for us, from Honduras, it is better.". Arturo said

US citizens flock to Central America
Sep 07, 2004
US residents, and real estate agents catering to US citizens who want to buy foreign property all report rising numbers of Americans moving to Central America.

A full load of mercy
Sep 06, 2004
His supplies have reached people in states such as Texas, West Virginia and Kansas and countries such as Brazil, Haiti and El Salvador.

Honduras: Two years on and killing of children continues
Sep 06, 2004
Despite the creation of the Special Unit for the Investigation of Violent Deaths of Children two years ago, the killers of children in Honduras continue to get

Migrants House Provides Food, Shelter for Immigrants
Sep 05, 2004
situation, so they come," Sister Juanita Monticillo says of the migrants who primarily come from interior Mexico and Central and South America to Nuevo Leon.

Guatemala to Seek Justice if Police Killings Proven
Sep 04, 2004
The Guatemalan government vowed on Friday to use the full force of the law if claims that police summarily executed at least

Food security program targets coffee growers in El Salvador
Sep 03, 2004
A nutrition and food security program is targeting families affected by the coffee crisis in El Salvador, providing food, developing food production activities

Guatemala Prosecutors Dig for Missing Peasants
Sep 03, 2004
Guatemalan authorities excavated a suspected mass grave on Thursday but found no sign of peasant squatters alleged to have



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