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Hub for Hispanics thrives Down East
Aug 30, 2004
On US Route 1, the grocery store and restaurant boasts a cook from El Salvador and owners who hail from Honduras and Guatemala.

2 charged in plot to bomb subway
Aug 29, 2004
other international terrorist organization, although he said they expressed hatred for America. ... with conspiracy to blow up the station, which is central to a

Exile foe of Castro being sought in Honduras
Aug 29, 2004
Luis Posada Carriles, freed from a Panama prison and accused by the Cuban government of being a terrorist, has sneaked into Honduras, officials there said.

Soaring murder rate for women in Guatemala draws worldwide criticism
Aug 29, 2004
Some are victims of gangs, others of domestic abuse. Many are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. More

From war-torn to wonderland
Aug 29, 2004
has the largest and most well-entrenched US presence in Central America, but now, Halcomb and others say Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador and Belize are drawing

Central America Said on Alert for Attack
Aug 28, 2004
All of Central America is on alert for a possible al-Qaida attack against El Salvador for its support of the US-led mission in Iraq, the

Second tragedy hits microlighting journey
Aug 28, 2004
Early yesterday, his devoted wife awoke to the devastating news that her husband had been injured in Belize, off the Mexican coast.

Artifacts cast doubt on Nicaraguan history
Aug 27, 2004
Simple fragments of ceramics and eerie burial grounds are among the artifacts unearthed in Nicaragua by Canadian researchers who say their findings

Panama pardons 4 Cubans in Castro bomb plot
Aug 27, 2004
Migration authorities said that when the flight with the four pardoned Cubans landed at San Pedro Sula, in northern Honduras, Carrillo was missing.

El Salvador bans anti-Castro activist from entry
Aug 27, 2004
El Salvador decided Thursday to prevent an anti-Castro activist from entering the country, said a senior Salvadorian official.



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