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Garinet Relaunches Its Spanish Section
Aug 10, 2004
After a few weeks of temporary closure, the Spanish section of Garinet gets relaunched.

America Movil Closes Purchase in Nicaragua
Aug 06, 2004
Mexican wireless communications company America Movil has closed the purchase of a 50 percent controlling stake in Nicaragua's Empresa Nicaraguense de

Missionary's body found in Honduras
Aug 06, 2004
missionary from Washington state Wednesday, the day after the wreckage of his small plane was discovered on a mountainside in western Honduras, federal police

Honduras a popular way station
Aug 05, 2004
When Honduran Unity announced Friday that six Cubans had been found recovering from a perilous boat ride to Honduras, more than 60 calls poured into the

Houston police rescue 18 illegal workers
Aug 04, 2004
smuggling to weapons and narcotics possession. The workers, several of them from Honduras, were turned over to immigration officials.

Police Nab 4 Men In Alleged Immigrant Smuggling Sting
Aug 04, 2004
16 more victims from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala being held in a 10 foot by 20 foot unventilated storage building (with no air condition) guarded by

Friends in deed: Local church finds mission in Nicaragua
Aug 03, 2004
Two years ago, in Nov. 2002, 13 members of the church's congregation took a trip to Nicaragua to minister to the poor.

Guatemala mayor killed in roadside ambush
Aug 03, 2004
Unknown gunmen on Monday shot and killed the mayor of a rural Guatemalan town, who recently returned to the country after

Honduras Jail Fire Kills Inmates
Aug 02, 2004
A short-circuit at a jail in northern Honduras killed at least 90 inmates and ... It was the second major jail fire in Honduras in a little over a year.

Guatemala jails three antiquities smugglers
Aug 02, 2004
The trial was Guatemala’s first criminal prosecution of antiquities thieves and the first of its kind in Latin America.



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