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Dec 25, 2003
As promised, ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce the, unique in design, superior in sound and authentic in lyrics... Umalali Garifuna, Macako's new album. Best of all shipping is FREE and there have been two given away for FREE as well.

Garinet Shopping Completely Revamped!
Dec 25, 2003
Our great present for you this holidays is the all new Garinet Shopping section. It has many improvements, you'll appreciate them all.

Dec 10, 2003
Shana Slaletski has a task that most of the time is taken care of in court when translation is needed, but according to her message, a Bronx Supreme Court Justice has order the defendant to have his case being translated in Garifuna, the first case of its nature in a US Court.

CELEO ALVAREZ TAKES THE BRONX BY STORM: Why you should attend this important event!
Nov 07, 2003
Celeo Alvarez made a roaring appearance this afternoon in the South Bronx where he met with members of the Garifuna organizations, as well as Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Garifuna Coalition USA divorces ONECA
Oct 25, 2003
There is a saga going on with Garifuna Coalition, a group of organizations in New York, wanting recede from its affiliation with ONECA in Central America.

Belize Black Summit
Oct 21, 2003
There are three beliefs in Belize that, although widely accepted, need to be fully understood:

1. Black people are perceived primarily in a subordinate position.

2. It is believe that the individual achievement and offices, high or low, that black people attain do not do much to uplift black people on a whole.

3. Many people fee that opportunities are more available to others than to Blacks

Empowering the Garifuna Women in Dangriga Belize
Sep 16, 2003
Twenty-one young Garifuna women, aged 18-25, recently completed the first round of “Powa Fu Women�, a project to empower young women to take control of their lives and their health by protecting themselves against HIV and AIDS.

Mr. Pablo Gomez hits the spotlight on New York parade!
Sep 09, 2003
Jerry Castro, just sent us an article posted by New York Daily News about the parade in New York.

Garifuna Resident in the Bronx and his dreams of...
Aug 23, 2003
In 1997 the idea went through his head because his community needed, yet it has been a long fight and a challenge for Roman Martinez, the Garifuna activist from Livingston, Guatemala to make his dreams of having a health center to care for the people back in his home town of Livingston.

Standing up to adversity
Aug 23, 2003
Like many non-governmental organisations worldwide, Latin American NGOs have encountered and overcome repressive measures from their governments in their struggle to benefit marginalised people.



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