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Maximo was released on a $500,000
Apr 05, 2006
A grandmotherly Bronx activist who presented herself as a friend of immigrants burst the American dreams of newcomers - reaping more than $1 million in a heartless green card scam, prosecutors charged yesterday.

AG`s Office Files Suit Against Immigration Advisor, Maria E. Maximo
Apr 05, 2006
The state Attorney General’s office has filed a civil lawsuit against Maria Elena Maximo for allegedly defrauding individuals seeking immigration advice.

Lower Hudson Valley nonprofits send used bikes to poor
Apr 02, 2006
countries. By the end of this month, 543 bicycles from the area will have reached needy people in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Alaskan team thaws in Honduras
Apr 02, 2006
Imagine you’re a penguin, living happily in minus 40-degree temperatures. Suddenly you’re thrust

Hundreds of Hondurans protest against CAFTA en Honduras
Apr 01, 2006
Hundreds of doctors, Indians, teachers, students and workers marched through the streets of the Honduran capital in protest Friday, a

Oil in Belize! Better than anything expected
Apr 01, 2006
The biggest development story of the year, the discovery of oil in Belize, took nearly eight months of trickle-down information under the Musa administration

Citizen Anxiety in Honduras Alarming
Mar 31, 2006
The existing insecurity of citizens, even for many police, in Honduras is alarming, Honduran Security Minister Alvaro

Firms to Look for Oil Off Nicaragua Coast
Mar 30, 2006
Two US companies will invest US$100 million (euro83 million) to search for oil and natural gas off Nicaragua's Caribbean coast

US Voices Nicaragua Intervention
Mar 28, 2006
US Ambassador in Nicaragua Paul Trivelli reiterated he will continue interfering in the national political arena to pressure

Red Tide causes sea turtle die-off in El Salvador
Mar 27, 2006
A "Red Tide" event that occurred off the coast of El Salvador late last year directly caused the deaths of some 200 sea turtles, according to test results



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