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Thanks for stopping by! This section will provide you with overviews or comments about certain community events, including meetings, who is doing what within the Garifuna community and a lot more. As usual you are encouraged to participate. We hope for this section to become a new flash success of garinet, where people will be able to report on community affairs and events of importance.

Dec 20, 2000
As individuals, we may have achieved a lot if not many. However, it should be noted that based on the structure the society we live in, a group or community achievement has bigger impact than the individual.

Garinagu in the 21st Century...The importance of your vote.
Nov 07, 2000
I want to call for all of you to have a Garifuna Student Forum (GSF). There is a serious problem among our community that needs to be taken care of. The need to spread that language is highly important as well as the essence of our culture.

Garinagu (plural for Garifuna) In The Tech Era
May 25, 2000
You can expect to see more technological, social, economical and cultural advances within the Garifuna community in this new Millennium and beyond.

Can you come out of the box, fellow Garifuna?
May 10, 2000
A while back, I posted a note on the Gari-Tech section, about how cool hand-held devices are (save you from expanding those inches long news papers while you traveling, while allowing you to play your chess game :)). I'm merely bringing this up, since I discovered a treasure, this morning, as I was checking the news on my hand-held.

Honduras Parade Committe
Apr 11, 2000
Saturday 4/8/00, was the day the "Honduras Parade Committe", headed by our Garifuna brother, Pablo Gomez, made history once again. The great event which was sub-titled "Juntos podemos, unidos lograremos", was in commemoration, of the 203 years since our Garifuna people arrived Honduras. 

Comunity Meeting with MUGAMA
Apr 05, 2000
Sunday 4/2/00, a meeting took place in the office of (Mujeres Garifunas en Marcha) MUGAMA, brooklyn branch.

Press Release - January 2001
Nov 30, -0001
On January 30, 2001, Bronx Borough President, Fernando Ferrer met with student leaders from New York City at John Jay College in Manhattan. The meeting, which was intended to talk about issues about situations affecting the student community, drew a crowd of about 100 students, professors and parents.



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