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Do you Gari? » Do I Gari? Oh yes I do and so do you!
Nov 08, 2002

Lachamuru Jerry Castro_Liyawa Lidani Garifuna Times Magazine
Labuga, Do you Gari? ; Bluefields, Nicaragua, Do you Gari? ; Belize, Do
you Gari? ; Bronx, do you Gari? Honduras, do you gari? ; Centro America
Show, do you gari? Waporu, do you Gari? Aziatic, do you gari?
Funargari, do you gari?

I have asked most of these guys and members of these nations whether
they "gari" or not. But let us be fair, our own definition of do
we "gari" may confuse a lot of you out there.

When you gari, it means that you sleep, think, eat, do garifuna. From
the coasts of Belize to Guatemala, we all gari! From Boston to New York
to Germany and California, we all gari.

If you haven't gari yet, don't wait too long because there is limited
space and time. Join us while you can so that we can Gari-out the
entire world and its website.

Hello Roy Cayetano, buity lafuru garabali wanwa.

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