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Do you Gari? » A few Years Ago, my life changed
Sep 25, 2002

Brooklyn NY (from left to right) Tonito Galan from Galan Productions;
Jerry Castro, Garinet.com member and founder of Lidani Garifuna Times Magazine;
Jorge Garifuna, webmaster for Garinet.com. This picture was taken on 4/15/2000.

Few Years ago, I met a group of guys whom I consider to be family today. The meeting was unusual. Arranged by computer mastermind, Tonito Galan, I met Jorge Garifuna in the most undramatic fashion. This, let me add, led to my involvement in the Garinet revolution; the community I have grown and learned to be with in the office, at home and at Waporu.

I look at that meeting today and reflect the mobilization that ocurred in that era: I met Virgilio Lopez, Andoni Castillo and Dixon Marin. It was also then I was exposed to Garifunas from Nicaragua by meeting Ms. Glenda Solis and encountering the dilema our people are going through in that nation.

My life has changed in the sense where it has been "Garifunatized" through the Garifuna lization of these men and women who mobilized our people through the internet. People such as the Avila Brothers and "Garifuna World". I want to deeply thank you because I don't think you relized you have been the pioneers of revolutionizing our culture through technology. People such as my men Aziatic, Jimmy Suazo, Day Ann "NURU" Ellis, Aurelio, Celeo Alvarez, who through the music and movements in protecting our rights, have made this site a magnificents one.

My thanks will extend to the other bands and musicians who have been featured or have become a part of the spreading the name of Garinet.com through the flyers of your party, the "word-to-mouth" and the "shout outs". Many thanks. To Murphy and Centro America Show for featuring us on TV (Remember Jorge when Dixon, Vilo and Ubafu took over the show? That was fun!)

In the past three years of existance, I have been able to communicate with Garinagu around the world, because of Garinet. I have met women, students and professionals who are profound of how far we've come.

Jorge, Swammy and the rest of you guys. I do not have a trophy or a certificate to recognize you for the revolution. However, I hope that this note will be as much.

Thank you very much and keimon wabarawaguon!
Jerry Castro: Garinet member since April 2000.

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