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Sep 16, 2001

Bronx, NY

Garifuna Culture Fair 2001 took place on September 2nd, 2001 in Crotona Park where an anticipated crowd of Garinagu from Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and the city where part of this community event. Rolando Marin, the event organizer and promoter, was satisfied with the turn out of the crowd and support Garinagu and non-Garinagu gave during this event.

"This was a good event and we're hoping that the campaign for Garinagu identification will continue with other organizations", says Mr. Marin who promoted the event via flyers, mailings, e-mails, newspapers and television.

Organizations such as the P.A.L (Police Athletic League) and Bronx Lebanon Mobile were present at the event.

With music provided by Black Shark Movement and the performance by Garifuna kid sensation, J. Kids, Garifuna Culture Fair 2001 was an event that many members of the Garifuna community had anticipated. As one person from Dandriga, Belize stated, "We need more events such as this one so that our culture can be promoted in a positive way", the proud Garifuna woman said who was dressed in traditional Garifuna clothes. "I am happy this event took place so that my kids can talk about their culture when school starts to their teachers and friends", she kept saying.

Also present at the event was Garifuna painter, Virgilio Lopez, who showcased his exotic Garifuna paintings to the attending public. "I am really glad that Rolando and his group (Grupo Waporu), did this event because it sends a vital message to Garinagu around the city and the world", says Mr. Lopez.

As of Mr. Marin, he is taking a break after a long summer where he was part of events that included the "Punta Awards at Black & Social Club, Guatemalan Parade and Community Concert where Punta Rock Legends Mohabob Flores, Aurelio Martinez and Victor Arzu performed along side G.N.G., Omar Suazo, Isieni Band and the Garifuna Culture Fair 2001 on Crotona Park.

"I am going to re-charge my batteries", he said one night sitting at Parque Waporu, "and continue the process of Garifuna cultural promotion."


Picture provided by Garinet.com

Painting by Virgilio Lopez

Art work by Dixon Marin

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