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Do you Gari? » Press Release - January 2001
Nov 30, -0001

On January 30, 2001, Bronx Borough President, Fernando Ferrer met with student leaders from New York City at John Jay College in Manhattan. The meeting, which was intended to talk about issues about situations affecting the student community, drew a crowd of about 100 students, professors and parents.

Jorge Garifuna, webmaster for garinet.com and Jerry Castro, Jr., President of the Harlem Campus Student Body Council, where two members of the Garinagu community speaking about issues concerning students that will benefit the Garinagu student community.

"Health care for students is very important", said Jerry Castro. "Many students are not covered because it is expensive to have an adequate health care not only for individuals but also family because most of the student population are parents", said Mr. Castro

"This is very important not only for the Garinagu community but also to the minority community to attend such events as this", said Jorge Garifuna. "Garinet is very proud to be part of anything that deals with education", said Mr. Cacho.

Many students also brought up the issue of needing more teachers in the classroom. Mr. Ferrer whose wife is a school principal, agreed with the students on that issue.

Bronx Borough President, Fernando Ferrer, is in his last term as Borough President. There are many rumors that he is a candidate for the position of Mayor of the New York City. However, when he began the meeting he said, "this has nothing to do with my position to run for mayor. It is an issue that's affecting our schools and our children."

By Young Garinagu Press Association (Garinet.com)

If there are any events that you will like to post up on the press release, submit them to garinet.com webmaster, Jorge Garifuna at jcacho01@yahoo.com two days after your event had taken place. This Association was created by Jerry Castro, Dixon Marin, Virgilio Lopez and Jorge Cacho with the help of Edwin Arzu and the Garinagu Community in New York City.

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