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Gari-Tech » Handheld devices (palmpilot) cool sites
Apr 04, 2000

If you have a handheld device, such as a palm pilot,the Internet has it all for you for FREE.  The goodies include:news; show times for movies; weather; sports; and you can even manageyour email right off the handheld device.  Other features include,scheduler utilities, address book and zillions of applications todownload.  

While there are many variations, I came across 2 good choices. The first one is called Visor (from http://www.handspring.com)which comes in many colors and is easily expandable.  The onlything is that I couldn't find a retail store that offers this devicein the NY area, however you can get from the above site.
The second one device is the palm IIIxe (from http://www.palm.com),which is relatively new, packed with good features, included infraredcommunication with your laptop or desktop, good memory (8MB) andreasonable price, about $249.
Finally I think that this handheld devices are extremely cool! I just like the feeling of reading the news from multiple sourceswhile riding on the train or checking out the movies show timesright off my palm pilot!

Here are some cool sites for you to read more about this stuff!:


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