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Garinet Updates » Top 28 countries visiting Garinet.com
Nov 17, 2003

Once again, our global position remains very strong as the year comes to an end. View the top 28 countries that get to visit Garinet.com

Here's the list of the top 28 countries out of 47:

1 US Commercial
2 US Educational
3 US Military
4 United States
5 Italy
6 US Government
7 Non-Profit Organization
8 Guatemala
9 Netherlands
10 Mexico
11 Belgium
12 United Kingdom
13 Nicaragua
14 Poland
15 Chile
16 Costa Rica
17 Honduras
18 Spain
19 Switzerland
20 Portugal
21 France
22 Ireland
23 Ecuador
24 Bahamas
25 Sri Lanka
26 Sweden
27 Peru
28 Paraguay

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