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Remembering » Legendary composer, Polo Martinez, rests in peace
Nov 27, 2003




Garinagu around the world are mourning the loss of one of its legendary composers, the late Polo Martinez, who passed away this past Sunday November 23rd in the city of New York.

Lidani had tried to get in touch with close relatives, but due to this moment, we relied on the responses and comments of close friends and relatives.

"I have lost a good friend", confided Garifuna Legendary painter, Virgilio Lopez who was reached at his South Bronx pub last night. "Polo was a great man who'll forever live by his composition and the love he showed while he was here."

Another close relative, Maria, who belongs to the Youth Dance sensation in Seattle Washington, also confirmed the passing.

"Yes he did passed", she said via phone from Seattle as we began the conversation about the state of the Garifuna community and her groups participation in events in that city.

The CD "Selpia: Homenaje a Polo Martinez" was released in the spring of 2003 and rapidly sold through high demand from Paranda fans: both young and old. DJ Carlos (aka Dormilon from Templo) has manifested that the work of dedicating this album is well beyond art.

"After Stone Tree released Paranda, which was one of the greatest contributions to our culture, Selpia's release definitely stands along side 'Africa in Central America.'"

Plans are underway to take Mr.. Polo Martinez' body to his community for burial in the republic of Honduras. Lidani, garinet and all members of the Garifuna medium share the passing and send condolences to the family of, not just a great composer, but a legendary and pioneering Garifuna man.

More more information, make sure you log on to garinet in the coming days.

"Dame tia lamiselu / abelura wun / gurawa - gurawamen tia waguira." - Notes from "Selpia: Homenaje a Polo Martinez"

Lachamuru Jerry Castro



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