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Opinion » Three step system to fix the problems at parties in New York!
Dec 23, 2003

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The problem at many Garifuna parties in New York is nothing new. We all heard of it before and as many of you know, it's only a few individuals that start the fights. Here’s a three step system to eliminate that problem.

Again, complaining about it, is all great, but I stop sugarcoating things a while ago and I like to propose some solutions which I've given it a great deal of thought and believe they will slow down the fights and make it possible for many of our Garinagu people to gain the trust and attend Garifuna parties again.

Without further due, here are my solutions:

1. I say we compile a list of names and photos(if available) of those few individuals that like to start the fights at the parties. These fighters want attention, well we'll give them all the attention and let the entire world know that they are party fighters.

2. We bring this list of names to the promoters of the parties or those that will be standing at the door, the date of the party. We ask (I really mean demand) that they (the people in charged of the party) do not let these individuals in and if they do (let them in), we (you) will simply not attend or get in.

3. Who will qualify or go in the "party fighter" list? This a very complicated issue, but to make simple for all of us, I propose, that a person should go on this list after they've had two or more fights in the last six months.

Why do I feel this will work?
In answering this let's look at the people involved.

If we look closely we had three types of individuals involved in this situation:

- The event promoter (or person/group in charged)

- The party goers (you or anyone else attending the party)

- The party fighter(s) (the individual(s) we do not want at the party)

Now let's see how this system eliminate the problem(fights at the parties) by involving each of the three types individuals mentioned above.

- Let's start with the promoter of the party (or person in charged). Putting personal feelings aside, these folks put out parties to make money. And if we do not attend their (fighting) parties, they do not make money, therefore they will act sooner than ASAP to make us happy or else no money will go into their pockets.

- Let's continue with the next individual(s) involved, which is you ( or us), the party goers. If you make a conscious attempt to refuse attending fighting parties and let the promoters of the parties know, don't you think they will feel the pinch? I think they will, and unless they want to keep losing money, I'm sure they will either take action to not let in the fighters or risk not being in business for long.

- Now the fighter. Well as I mentioned above, these individuals are mostly seeking attention. They think they are untouchable. I think we can give them that satisfaction, don't you think? If Bill Clinton's case became famous for sexual misconduct, I think party fighters deserves a bigger publicity, for they put people lives at risk.

If you have witnessed these fights, you know how dangerous and scary they get. If you're no longer attending Garifuna parties because of these fights, you know how serious you are about your safety. And if you would like for your kids to one day go and enjoy that part of our rich culture, you know that it's time to take action, today.

Let me know how you can be part of this movement that will bring a brighter future to all of us, today.

Jorge Garifuna
Garinet Global Inc.

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