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Garinet Updates » Music Downloads/New Photos and more!
Jan 06, 2004


Exiting things are happening on Garinet this year. Here are a few of them:

- You can now search all the hudreds or articles available on Garinet. A new search box has been added to make it easy for you to access any content fast. View it at the front page at:


- You can now download your favorite music instantly. Our new music download section allows you to listen to a sample of the song, and if you like it, you can purchase for under $1 and download it instantly. Our selection will grow every week. Currently we have hits by Aziatic, Punta Dan & all the songs from the new Macako album, readily available to be downloaded right away.

You may view the music download section by clicking on "Products" from the front page of garinet or directly from:


- Our Photo Gallery section has also been updated. We have added over 50 new photos. Check out our surprise picture of the month by clicking on "Photos" from the front page of garinet or directly from:


- There is also a new contribuitor of the month. Check from the "What's new" box from the front page of Garinet at:


- We have information about a new search engine called "Vivisimo" Read it from the "In The News" section of:


- We would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their valuable input in the new shopping section of Garinet:

*Bill Cayetano for inspiring us to create the music downloads section.

*Rigo Mejia for testing and providing programming concepts.

*Ben Flores for assisting with categorizing the books section.

*Tim Lambey for assisting with categorizing the videos section.

*Roque Bernardez for assisting in the testing phase.

*Luis David for assisting in the graphical input.

*Jerry Castro for inspiring the content downloadable section. Very soon we will be offering eBooks and the Magazone for instant download, thanks to Mr. Castro.

*Marvin Yan for programming concept when most needed.

*Greg Lontok for business concept and database tool idea.

And everyone else who's assistance was valuable in completing all four modules of the new automatic order fulfillment system.

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