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Garifuna Day » Send a Garifuna E-Card to anybody in the world for FREE
Apr 04, 2005

As pointed out by Rony Figueroa in his great article, Internet or Inter-Not, “a website can be used as a launching pad to keep a community together.? Garinet Global has always taken side on this view and with its new project, Garinet Global, is on its way to building “The Largest Garifuna Photo Gallery in the World!?

Communicating by email is great, but when you really want to get the message across, nothing beats an E-Card, specially a Garifuna E-Card! An E-Card is an electronic or digital card that contains a picture of your choice and specific message provided by you that can be sent to anyone in the world via email. Upon receipt, the recipient is directed to view the card which can be printed and placed in a photo album for a great memory.

With the largest Garifuna photo gallery in the world, you have the option of selecting any photo, from any of the Garifuna categories available, including:
• Any of all the Garifuna towns
• Garifuna cultural events and/or
• Any Garifuna artist

Sending the E-Card is as easy as following these steps:

1. Visit: http://www.garinagu.com/gallery
2. Browse from over 30 categories of photos
3. Click on the photo of your choice
4. Click on the little envelop () located on the upper right of the photo
5. In the “From? section type Your Name & your email address on the corresponding fields
6. In the “To? section type the Name & email of the person you are sending the card to on the corresponding fields
7. Enter your greeting message
8. Type your message
9. If you would like to insert any of the happy faces available at the bottom of the message field, simply click on it
10. Click on the “Send an E-Card? button to have the e-card sent!

You may use this new service on special occasions such as mother day, invite someone to a Garifuna event or simply to let that other person that you were thinking about him or her. I personally use it on a daily basis to let my wife know the many times I think about her while I'm at work.

Give it a try today and let me know what you think. You may send me your feedback in a E-Card format sent to jg@garinet.com.


Jorge Garifuna
Garinet Global Inc
http://www.garinagu.com/gallery - representing the largest Garifuna photo gallery in the world!
http://www.garidigital.com - representing your website needs
http://www.garinet.com - representing all the Garifuna community
http://www.puntamusic.com - representing the Punta Music
http://www.belizeanworld.com - representing Belize
http://www.guatemalavirtual.com - representing Guatemala

Coming soon: For all your music downloads GariDownloads.com

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