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Garifuna Day » Santa Rosa de Aguan, Honduras, the before and after hurricane Mitch
Apr 06, 2005

Santa Rosa de Aguan, Honduras, the before and after hurricane Mitch

For most people from Honduras, October & November of 1998, remains a period of time in history that is very vivid in the minds of this community, much like September 11, 2001, for the American people and the rest of the world. During this time period the devastating hurricane Mitch swept away many lives and crippled many houses, bridges and roads.

According to “Science for a changing world? (USGS site: http://coastal.er.usgs.gov/education/mitch-movie/transcript.html) “Over 11,000 people were dead and 2 million were homeless throughout Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. One river in particular, the Aguan River, generated a plume of water large enough to inundate Cayos Cochinos and Roatan and to influence other reefs far out in the Caribbean.?

As Garinet Global, gets ready to document, compile and centralize the Garifuna History for researchers and historians, Jorge Garifuna, recalls receiving the reports of the list of names of the Garifuna people that had lost their lives.

Santa Rosa de Aguan, a Garifuna town in Honduras was greatly affected by the Aguan river. Ruben Reyes, a Garifuna leader, traveled from Los Angeles, California to Santa Rosa de Aguan, in December of 1998, shortly after hurricane Mitch and was able to illustrate the devastating changes that Santa Rosa de Aguan had gone through.

The illustration shows Santa Rosa de Aguan, before and after hurricane Mitch. You may find this great illustration at the “Honduras - Santa Rosa de Aguan? section of “The Largest Garifuna Photo Gallery in the World?, located at the following link:


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