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Garinet Updates » New Real Estate webite, new downloadable music and more...
Jan 16, 2004


Our goal this year is to take Garinet Global to new heights by providing new products and services that are beneficial to our community members and their family. To accomplish this, we know we would have to lose some sleep, but at the end we hope it will be for a good cause. Here are few of the new goodies for you and your family.


Here’s what you will find in this email:

- New Real Estate website

- New article titled Saving An Endangered Language”

- Upcoming event in New York

- New York party problem article translated by Swamy Blanco

- New downloadable music added


- We have launched a new bilingual Real Estate website. The site provides all the information needed to buy or sell a home. In addition, loans & refinance services are also offered. If you or anyone you know needs any Real Estate services in the area of Southern California you may find this site very beneficial. In order to cover all the United States, we have also created a referral program so that you can get the service right in your area. We have added a permanent link in the front page of garinet.com, but you can also access it directly at:


- There’s a new article titled “Saving An Endangered Language” by Kimberly A. Lopez. You may find this in the front page of the “In The News” section of:


- Garinet’s senior contributor, Swamy Blanco has translated into Spanish the article I wrote about the problem in the parties in New York. He has also created some open questions about the matter, which we have posted in English and Spanish on Garinet to get your input. You may find this in the front page of the “In The News” section of:


- If you live in the New York area, there will be a DISCO PARTY on February 21 by Organizacion de Ciriboya. You may find this in the Events section at:


- We promised new downloadable music every week. Here are the new albums added for you to listen and download right away if you like what you hear:

o Super exitos del Sheriff

o Do You Rememba by Wahima

o Grandes exitos de Mando Ballesteros

Please support our artists. Spread the word that we now offer legal downloadable music. To tell your friends and family we have added a new link to make it easy. You may find this link at:


To view the music download area, please visit:


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BelizeanWorld.com is now open

Garifuna All Stars in the Bronx this Sunday/New offering on Garinet.com

Garinet Interviews the Punta Rock Artist Aziatic

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Scholarships, Pretty Mouse Pads/Problema de tierra en Honduras!


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