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Garifuna Day » April 12 is a Garifuna Holiday, and Garifumericans are getting ready (Part 1)
Mar 26, 2004

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April 12 is a Garifuna Holiday, and Garifumericans are getting ready (Part 1)

In New York , Los Angeles and across the Nation, a Garifuna Holiday is drawing attention

Thomas Miranda is a young professional Garifuna from Guatemala who resides in the Bronx , NY. And for the past 3 years, Mr. Miranda has become the Howard Dean of the Garifuna community: gathering young people at parties to promote the values of Garifuna culture through music.

Thomas Zuniga is another young professional from Guatemala who retired from the Armed Forces in the United States . In Los Angeles, California, Mr. Zuniga have gotten the attention of not only the Garifuna community, but elected officials, media and a host of organizations who are willing to work in promoting Garifuna culture through Mr. Zuniga's organization celebrated annual event, The Los Angeles Garifuna Street Festival.

Austria Zapata is a member of a Garifuna family group in New Orleans who are finding common ground to promote the culture in the New Orleans Metro-area. She says that it is important that events surrounding the arrival Of Garifuna ancestors to the island of Roatan , Honduras , could serve to educate the new generation of leaders.

What do all these groups have in common? For one is that during April 12 Weekend, America will witness the flavor of Garifuna culture in all of its parts. In New York , Garifuna Legacy, a legendary Garifuna band who reached its peak in the 90's is set to make its most awaited comeback at Mr. Miranda's event in the Bronx .

In Los Angeles , Garinagu Empowerment Movement will host the Fourth Annual Garifuna Street Festival. The event was chosen as the “2003 Waguiya (People's Choice) Awards event of the Year for its efforts to proclaim April 12 a Holiday in the City of Los Angeles .

In New Orleans , according to Ms. Zapata, the group will celebrate by gathering family members and make Garifuna traditional dishes.

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