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Apr 14, 2004

Bounty Don, born Jason Rodriguez in the Stann Creek District of Belize in a household of thirteen children. He was still in the tender infancy stages of his life when his father's occupation as a member of the Belize Police Force led to the relocation of his family to Belize City. Very much in the same fashion that a handful of children, later to become the Forefathers of Reggae (The Wailers), flocked to vocalist Joe Higgs' informal singing lessons, held in a Third Street tenement yard in Jamaica, Bounty Don himself fled to the street corners of Belize City to rap of the socially conscious, progressive, gangster lifestyle of which he watched flourish all about him. Fortunately, this restlessness sparked a flame. His drive to succeed in the music industry surfaced. Bounty Don's artistic expression and influential development were ruled by the need to redefine both the hits of the current day and to re-embark upon the classics from some of the masters of the past---all of which mark out his finest material.

He serves up a multi-hued palette of original composition and renditions that manages to breathe new life into classic songs with his innovative, yet sometimes, unexpected interpretations. His oratory takes you on an extraordinary vivid journey as he tackles diverse issues with his infectious personality and original technique.

Although his style stemmed and remains painstakingly rooted in his early ambitious Belizean pavement chats, he did in fact benefit during the birthing years of his career from the influence and direction from the legendary DJ Stone Jam and artists such as Kenny Morgan, Kenny G, and Heavy D. But, just as any other striving performer, Bounty Don had an embedded beat within his soul which swung, whispered, and even shouted to some of the Caribbean's finest session artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Ninja Man, Buju Bantan, Beenie Man, Cobra and Shabba Ranks. As his name suggests, however, his favorite artist is Bounty Killer. When you see him perform you are able to detect where he got his repertoire.

Bounty Don migrated to the United States as a teen and lived in Brooklyn, New York before settling in the streets of South Central Los Angeles, California. It was here that he joined the DCP Crew with Daddy C , Jermaine B and the Crucial dancers. They performed at venues all over the Los Angeles region including the Hollywood Park Casino, Prince Hall Auditorium, the Queen Mary Park in Long Beach and various local clubs. He has been on billings with such acts as Aziatic, Caribbean Xchange , and Michael Wagner and the Roots Band , just to name a few. It should also not come as a surprise to find Bounty Don as the MC if you visit a local nightclub. He has hyped the crowd for sound systems like Ruffcutt, Belizean Vibe Crew, KrossFyah Sound , DJ Skins' Boombastic Sound, Unity 1, Drumline and GTS Sound among many others. Now ready to embark on his solo career, Bounty Don is currently working with Crucial Productions and LoveShack Records on his debut album to be entitled "Inna Conference".

You can contact Bounty Don at:

BountyDon@CrucialProds.com , BountyDon@Hotmail.com



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