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Remembering » Punta Rock Loses One of its Artists: Jimmy Suazo
Apr 18, 2004


Baltimore, MD._4/18/2004

Garifuna Punta Rocker, Jimmy Suazo, have been confirmed dead by many sources in a car accident in Honduras, where Jimmy and his band, LA NYCHADA Banda Show were touring. Along in that tour were also Gadu Nunez and Ervin Arzu, but their conditions is unknown as of this hour. Lidani does not know the conditions of the rest of the punta rockers, but according to the President of the Foundation of Garifuna Arists, a group Jimmy was affiliated with, there were "two members of his band that are presummed dead and his brother (Torrer) is injured."

As new accounts will arise, we will keep you updated. A prayer service have been scheduled for Sunday night at the location where the 2004 Garifuna Youth Conference is taking place.

"I feel sad", said James Lovell, a comrade of Jimmy Suazo to take Punta Rock to new heights.

"I don't know what to say but that I am sad."

Julio Lopez (J. King) responded by saying that the news about Jimmy was true.

"I got a call in the morning, and could not believe it until it was thoroughly confirmed", said J. King.

Journalists or reporters do not tend show feelings in the loss of a close individual, but in my case, Jimmy was more than an artist. He was a young Garifuna who was not afraid to let his emotions about the conditions of Garinagu. As a musical educator, he tended to always include history in his lyrics.

"That's the only way you can bring awareness", he said recently before performing at Templo Night club for a fundraise concerning the government's handing of the Bay of Tela.

The world who came to know him from his classical, La Monopolia, will miss him and with that, I share with the family, friends and as a fan around the community as well as those who knew Jimmy for his talents.

Aba Isieni

Jerry Castro

Garinet is now collecting donations on behalf of Jimmy's family. There are several ways you can make your donations:

  1. You can purchase any one of his albums from our webstore. All the proceeds from the sale of his albums will go to his family.
  2. You can click here to make your donation online
  3. You can call our toll FREE number at 800- 385-2910 to donate with credit card or check
  4. You can mail your donation to the following address:

    Garinet Global Inc
    Attn: Jimmy Suazo Fund
    PO BOX 70073
    Riverside , CA 92513


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