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Remembering » Garifuna Artist, Jimmy Suazo, Confirmed Dead
Apr 18, 2004

Every loss brings pain, but this one really burns the heart of the entire Garifuna community. As I was awaken this morning with the sad news that our great friend, Jimmy Suazo, had been confirmed dead in an car accident in Honduras , my eyes started getting watery, and my mind in complete disbelief.

It is also reported that the Artists Gadu Nunez, Ervin Arzu, his sister Carol and his brother Edwin were also involved in the accident. We'll update you as we receive new reports.

It's only been a month since my trip to New York . During that trip I had the honor to interview Jimmy and Gadu Nunez. Had I known that Jimmy's days were counted, I would have done everything in my power to keep him from the events that lead to this horrible incident.

Jimmy Suazo has always been a great supporter of Garinet. He was one of the first artists to lend himself for a live session on the Garinet chat room when we were still in our infancies. From knowing Jimmy, I can honestly say that we were always connected from the first day. He always had a welcoming heart and his passion for his culture was unparallel.

From the bottom of my heart, I will always remember Jimmy Suazo and I hope for his great music to be heard all across the globe.

In the name of Jimmy Suazo,

Jorge Garifuna
Garinet Global Inc.

Garinet is now collecting donations on behalf of Jimmy's family. There are several ways you can make your donations:

  1. You can purchase any one of his albums from our webstore. All the proceeds from the sale of his albums will go to his family.
  2. You can click here to make your donation online
  3. You can call our toll FREE number at 800- 385-2910 to donate with credit card or check
  4. You can mail your donation to the following address:

    Garinet Global Inc
    Attn: Jimmy Suazo Fund
    PO BOX 70073
    Riverside , CA 92513

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