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New Websites » The Garifuna Websites Directory has been launched
Jan 20, 2006

We are very proud to announce that Garinet Global has recently launched “The Largest Garifuna Websites Directory? available to-date, GarifunaWebsites.com:


This new website is currently the only dedicated Garifuna Websites Directory, where the general public is able to browse the best Garifuna Websites available on the Internet today. The Directory is organized by intuitive categories, which makes it easy for the user to find the intended website. There is also a comprehensive search tool, to search the Directory by relevant keywords.

Currently there are a total of eighteen categories and thirty four websites, which are expected to grow very soon. The categories range from Art to Photos to Entertainment to Shopping to name a few.

Individuals with existing websites are allowed to submit their websites to the Directory FREE of charge. Those partners that get their websites developed through GariDigital.com, will automatically be included on the Directory as a marketing reward for being Garinet Global Partners.

Website usage trends have shown that most people use either search engines or directories to find the information they’re look for. This trend is expected to continue in the years to come. In anticipation of this growing trend, Garinet Global, has introduced the new “Garifuna Websites Directory? to allow community members to quickly find quality websites, while allowing Garinet Global Partners the invaluable ability to have their websites found by qualified individuals.

Please join us celebrate the launching of “The Largest Garifuna Websites Directory? at:


About the author:

Jorge Garifuna is a Computer Scientist and Real Estate professional, who loves to serve his Garifuna community. Jorge has served as vice-president of former New York-based, Garifuna youth organization, Lileiti Dufigati, has been the president to Los Angeles-based, Garifuna organization, SONHOCA, and holds membership with various Garifuna organizations, such as Wafadaha Uwara, and national technology organizations, such as ACM and IEEE. Jorge has donated his time to lecture classes about Computer & Internet usage for Garifuna organizations like, MUGAMA. Additionally, Jorge has trained high school students in programming, for national competition, under the BDPA-LA organization.

Jorge is also the CEO of Garinet Global Inc. Garinet has established itself as the major Garifuna Network since it launched in 1999. It currently averages over one million hits per month from over one hundred different countries around the world.

Garinet has consistently created services to enhance the future of the Garifuna community. Through its GariDigital.com website, Garinet offers the general public, a multitude of Website services for organizations, businesses, entertainers and family members.

To stay updated with Jorge’s latest development, you may visit his official website, Jgari.com:

Jorge may be contacted by email at jg@garinet.com

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