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Gari-News » Café Gotay Restaurant Open Its Doors in Guatemala
Jul 26, 2004

It was the Garifuna month, April 2003, when the “World Garifuna Organization (WGO)? invited delegates from all over the world to attend their convention in Belize. I happened to be one of those delegates and so was Mr. Gotay, from Guatemala living in New York. During our five days stay Mr. Gotay and myself had many interesting conversations, including his plans to open up a restaurant in Guatemala.

A little over a year later, I get a call from Mr. Gotay. I could feel the excitement of his voice over the telephone. It seems like he had a huge news to share. And in fact he did. After the initial greetings, he finally let the ball drop. His restaurant was up and running in Guatemala!

He kindly asked me to checkout his new website, cafegotay.com, and I did right away. I Was very impressed by most things, but what really caught my attention was the menu, which is loaded with pictures that make you want to wish you were in Guatemala having one of those tasty dishes.

The following day, he called me again and asked me which dish I liked from the website. I paused for a second and with a smile in my face I replied “All of them.? When I visit Guatemala, I will make sure to stop by Café Gotay, but if you happen to make it there before me, be sure to let us know of your experiences at Café Gotay. In the mean time you may visit Mr. Gotay’s webite at: http://www.cafegotay.com

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