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New Websites » Garinet Hosting Launched
Aug 24, 2004

Garinet has successfully launched its hosting services. With the growing use of the internet and the new demands of businesses and individuals to have a presence online, a way to house the content is has given birth to Garinet Hosting.

Currently Garinet offers two hosting packages to its clients at competitive rates. The first package offers an amazing 400MB of space, which is more than enough to host a personal, organization or business website. The second package offers 600MB for those businesses looking to transact E-Commerce or provide music downloads to their audience.

Most importantly, both packages include FREE Site Studio and an array of tools, including email addresses for under $7 and $11 respectively.

Website hosting could be say to be the backbone of a website content, much like a facility location in the real world, where individuals visit to view products or company’s resources.

The other major components of a website are the web design, marketing and domain registration, which is also available through Garinet Hosting.

As a service to the community, Garinet is now offering advice on website building and design.

You may visit Garinet Hosting here for further information.

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