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Remembering » As Legends are laid to rest, a note to Pali Nabour
Jul 20, 2003



NOTE: With the passing of Barry White and Celia Cruz, Jerry Castro's mind goes back to the beach in Livingston, Guatemala looking at the Atlantic ocean with blue skies, a cool breeze and the sounds of Paranda's own legend: Pali Nabour.

"Nati / nuguya merumayadina.../ Wanwa nuguya merimayadina.../ Balabada naru tura nigabana nay.../ Dame le gia nowen wanwa / lau ba la banda habunana." Notes from Naguya by Pali Nabour.

Dear Pali:

I am here in the Bronx thinking about you 'bra. On this afternoon, you might be sitting by coconut tree by the beach looking at the movements and how cal the Atlantic looks and wondering about what tomorrow's destiny may bring as the world turns.

The latest from here is that two legends have been laid to rest: Barry White and Celia Cruz. Luther is still in the hospital fighting to make yet another comeback. But we'll see how that goes because we are prepared.

Naruguti, I am not sure if my people are ready and have thought about you like the way I am on this breeze Bronx afternoon. Being the great that you are, there should not be an excuse of why you wouldn't be on their minds. The songs, the lemesis and the videos, fell me? I don't know if my people have thought of how to preserve your history and continue to live your life after life. On numerous occasions, Celia said that "vivire". You on the other hand you have lived and re-lived life. Another Garifuna accomplishment.

I happened to see a vidoe from my grandmother's lemesi in Labuga from this past easter. The drums were alive, naruguti. There were the usual gayusas and also Sidu. I noticed that he is aging, yet that did not stopped him from playing that guitar without fear.

I then watched "Making of Paranda", you know your video. I studied you for a second. For those who did not looked beyond the screen, I sensed that you were sending a message ( "yo vivire") as you played that damn guitar tirelessly and recieved the love from the Paranderos around you.

Pali, I watched you naruguti. You sang, better yet, you screamep. Played that guitar like Aziatic performing at the Belizean Fest. Aurelio, your student, noticed it. He told me when came to the states in 2001.

They say that life is a journey of pleasure and an adventure. In some cases, it pauses to teach us that there are some important factors besides what sorrounds us. In this case, you are the most important figure to Paranda.

Every hour of every day, we seem to grow and learn about life. You sang and composed both.

Every second of every minute, we tend to have a pleasure of an adventure. You showed us through the hands that caresses that guitar.

Mr. Duran send me an autographed copy of your CD. Believe me, that was the best Christmas present anyone had given me: a piece of history. And that, naruguti, is the pleasure of your adventures.

So as the great ones have been laid to rest, you still stand tall. Playing the guitar as if it was your first time. Remember, like when you began at a beluria with Junior Arranda, Gabaga Williams, Sidu and Figaga back in the days?

I have framed the cover and made sure I don't let my sight off the your adventure. Better yet, given the fact that my people have yet not thought about you like the way they should, this is a note to simply remind you that despite the fact that you are miles away from me, you will always live beyond the horizons of Atlantic from you are currently sitting watching the breeze and the calmness of the seas.

Lafanseja Jerry Castro / Photo by Stone tree Records Online



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