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Education » New Book About Lydia Sacasa Hill
Sep 06, 2003

As you know, I have been a teacher for many years now, and after so much time in the classroom I believe that I have found out the reason why so many students do not learn. It boils down to this: we have been overlooking the human aspect of education, the character building which happens between teacher and student. And I have found how to successfully overcome these problems and truly serve every child who comes into my classroom

Now I have decided to take my experiences and share them with everyone. I have helped to write a new teachers manual on Enlightened Classroom Management entitled Sunrise at 602! If you are interested in find out more about this, I invite you to go to the publisher's website at www.creativeeducationalsystems.com and to click on the link about the new book on Classroom Management.

I am very happy I was able to give birth to this book which I hope and pray will bring about changes in the educational system of New York City, and indeed the country. This will also be a helpful manual for parents or anyone who finds themselves in a position of guiding others.

Peace and blessings,

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