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Damon reportedly engaged
Sep 13, 2005
Matt Damon's bachelor days are apparently over. US Weekly is reporting that the Cambridge-bred actor is engaged to his girlfriend, Luciana Barroso.

You select your ``artist of the month``, not Mr. Bias and Associates
Jun 27, 2005
Do you know who chooses the artist of the month of certain sites? If you do, please share the secret, but if not, chances are that you’ve been wondering about the process, just like me. is here to give you the power to choose the artist of the month.

Garinet & join forces for the May 28th concert
Apr 15, 2004
The much awaited concert of has been scheduled for May 28th in Los Angeles. For the first time in history Garinet & join forces to bring this concert to the audience with online ticket purchases.

The Making of the Album Wamatina Tun by James Lovell
Mar 24, 2004
While we were in the studio one day, DJ Spice Killa came up with an idea, to translate some golden oldies into Garifuna. I told Spice “you know you have to get permission from the original composers of those songs write.?

Garifuna All Stars in the Bronx
Mar 20, 2004
On Sunday March 21 st , Templo nightclub, located in the heart of the South Bronx, will host an event featuring some of Punta Rock's elite class as Garinagu in New York and neighbors will share the stage for a benefit engagement.

Macako's NEW, HOT & HEAVY album coming by Christmas!
Dec 16, 2003
You've seen the cover, you've heard the sound bytes, and now you will get the real deal!

Musician's work captures his culture
Nov 18, 2003
Musician Rhodel "Rhodee" Castillo smiles when he is asked how he
explains who he is and where he's from to his neighbors on the South Side.
Although he looks like them, his native Garifuna language is considerably
different than what's usually heard on this city's sidewalks.

New video clips and sound bytes
Nov 03, 2003
For your entertaiment, has added new Sound bytes of Bootsy Rankin' new album.

Paranda Music is back!
Oct 13, 2003
As I was starting my daily reading, I noticed a very interesting article at Yahoo News titled "Belize Spirit Guide Rescues Dying Guitar Music"

Oct 06, 2003
It has never been revealed that 23 Years ago there was the ultimate
Garifuna musical revolution when the Original Turtle Shell Band took it
to the stadium and the parks and the clubs.



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