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Jan 10, 2003

There were calls from more than 40 people while there was a live taping of Centro America Show in New York .

The guests, who included Ms. Mirtha Colon, Jose Francisco Avila and the cast of New Horizons Investment and J. King.

The show was basically informational on the tax season and the many different services provided for HIV/AIDS by the organization.

The climax of the show came when a student called and asked questions about whether she can deduct the books she had bought previously.

"Oh yes", Said Francisco Avila a co-owner of the Garifuna website, Garifuna-World. "You can deduct your books while doing your taxes".

Another caller asked if illegal immigrants should apply for health care while obtaining medication to fight the HIV infection.

As usual, Carol and Veronica, the stunning hosts, where every informational and interactive. There were minor technical problems they experienced, but eventually got it through when more and more calls came from concerned people looking for help.

"This was good", said J. King, who did not appeared on camera. "We should do this again as the year goes by".

Many callers complemented the the cast and crew for the hard work they have done to bring community information to Garifuna and Non- Garifuna homes in the Bronx and accross the city of New York.

If you wish to ffind out more on your taxes, you can contact New Horizons Investment Club at If you need to contact Honduras Against AIDS, call 718-402-6452.

NOTE: Lidani will be present at the 2003 JUDUTU FESTIVAL sponsored by Honduras Against AIDS in the Bronx on Sunday January 19. Call the number to get more details.



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