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Entertainment » Garifuna Legacy's Eddie Retiring
Aug 18, 2009

"I don't understand / why do they put us down, / when we represent our
people a hundred percent" - Eddie Gregorio from then Garifuna Kids

Could this be the end of an era that came to life 10 years ago? And if it
is, what lies ahead of the future of Punta Rock among the youth?

In a detail conversation on Friday with Eddie Gregorio, the leader of
Garifuna Legacy, he publicly announced the idea of retiring from Punta Rock
in the up coming year or after 2004.

"Right now, we are focusing", he said from his pub in New York. "The reason
we're not performing is because this may be the last", he continued sounding
as if he really have thought about his decision.

Garifuna Legacy broke to the scene via Garifuna Kids, the legendary Garifuna
band that stormed the planet in the early 1990's and who many consider today
as "one of the Greatest bands of the 20th century."

"When they had that tour in Central America in '95", said a party promoter
in the Bronx, "They had the local police securing the bus and helicopters in
the sky. That is what elevated the profile not only of the band and its
music, but of the youth participation in this game."

Eddie, sounding humble, understood the affect of the future of Garifuna
Legacy within their fans. For the most part, these young kids have
understood the beauty of Punta music through one of its creation.

"If this is the case", said Laura Ramirez, a Punta Rock fan and "1 Legacy
fan", "I will start saving my money so that I can be the part of an ending
of what made me preserve and love my culture."

According to Mr. Gregorio, ranked as one of the best Punta Rock Producer of
his time, plans are underway to promote what he considers 'the last
performances' in 2004. In addition, he also wanted to emphasize that because
there haven't been any news regarding Garifuna Legacy, many people believed
they have broken off.

"Nah man we're just focusing on the album", he said, "the band is still

The world of music and its society are going through dramatic changes. Hip
Hop megastar, Jay Z has publicly announced his retirement after his last
album. Lenox Lewis, the heavyweight champ, has also expressed the same
interest. If Eddie decides to retire from Punta Rock, what will then become
of Garifuna Legacy and their fans around the world?

"This is a blow to us", said a 15-year old Garifuna from the Bronx. "I love
the band and the music."

Lidani and Garinet will keep you up to date as the countdown begins on an
individual who influenced many within and outside his culture and who
definitely put Punta on a higher level.

Lafanseja Jerry Castro

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