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Entertainment » Garifuna All Stars in the Bronx
Mar 20, 2004

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Garifuna artists, activists and leaders meet on Sunday for an All-Star event

On Sunday March 21 st , Templo nightclub, located in the heart of the South Bronx, will host an event featuring some of Punta Rock's elite class as Garinagu in New York and neighbors will share the stage for a benefit engagement.

According to organizers of the event, the list of All Stars include: 2003 Punta Digest Artist of the Year, James Lovell, The Queen of Punta Rock, Paula Castillo, The Godfather of Punta Rock, Gadu Nunez, J. King and youth sensation J. Kids and Ervin Arzu.

The event is a fundraiser in response to recent reports about the Honduran Legislation approval of selling the Bay of Tela.

“Right now there is a multi-million dollar project taking place near Tornabe and Miami?, said Mirtha Colon from New York on Wednesday night when contacted. “Some people believe that what is happening is good but in reality is not.?

When reached at his pub in the Tremont section of the Bronx, Jimmy Suazo, a Punta Rock elite confirmed he will participate in this event.

“I am getting ready for this event?, said Jimmy who released one of the most anticipated Paranda CD in 2003 entitled “Modern Parandas?.

“So you can publish my quotes so that everyone supporting this can come.?

The event is co-sponsored by FUNARGARI, Centro America Show, Honuga, Spiritual Garifuna Committee, Templo Social Club, Patronomo de Tornabe and Honduras Against Aids.

For more information you can contact: 718-402-6452 and 917-416-0950



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