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Gari-Noticias » Dr Luther C Harry Visita Estados Unidos
Jan 20, 2008 por administrator

Bill Camp  wrote:
Here is my 1st draft of Luther’s schedule:
Jan. 18: Luther arrives in Birmingham , Ala. from San Pedro Sula .  He will spend that night in Quinton , Ala. at the home of Dr. Tom Camp, my brother, and a leader of the Alabama Honduras Medical Education Network (AHMEN). 
Jan. 19: Luther will attend an all day planning meeting of about 40 AHMEN leaders in Birmingham . 
Jan. 20:  He may travel to Atlanta depending on transportation options.
Jan. 21-23: Luther is in Atlanta with MEDICC.
Jan 24: Luther flies to Pittsburgh and is met by Global Links and Kathleen Hower.
Jan. 25-29:  Luther is in Pittsburgh .
Jan. 30: Luther leaves Pittsburgh for Washington , DC
Jan 31-Feb. 3rd: Luther is in Washington , DC
Feb. 4: Luther leaves Washington for New York City
Feb. 5-10: Luther is in New York City
Feb. 11: Luther flies to Sacramento , California
Feb 12-29:  Luther is in Northern California (He may travel to Santa Barbara for a screening of SALUD! on                 Feb. 25th at University of California at Santa Barbara .
After February 29th I am still working on the schedule.  I will keep you posted.

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