The Hood Still Rolling

The name of the war game in the Hood is still Mission Some-wheres’, with families in single parent status on a regular basis.  Every unit continues to be in one deployment status or the other.  They’re either gone somewhere, just got back from somewhere, or getting ready to go, somewhere. 

Right now, there’s one gone on SFOR- Bosnia, and one gone on KFOR-Kosovo. Yet another has gone to Kuwait, to replace one that have just  returned .  

The entire 4th  (ID) Infantry Division just recently got back from NTC (National Training Center, Ft Irwin, CA), where they did an all out major exercise with their FORCE XXI (Digitized) equipment, before turning them all over to The 1st Cav. (Cavalry Division). They’re then supposedly going to take over where The First Team will leave off in….you got it… deployments.  

The post is in the process of transferring control of Family Housing from military to civilian control. Called the Residential Communities Initiative, a number of companies, with extensive management experience and expertise, has come together and penned a 50-year $4 billion contract to run all army housing.  Here in Fort Hood, the plan is to spend $300 million within the first 10 years in replacement or renovation of 90 percent of the homes on post.

Killeen Area Still a Kicking

The Joint-use Airport Project between Killeen and Fort Hood on Robert Gray Army Airfield is coming along real well.  Work has already begun on the civilian side terminal.  The understanding is that there’s no way this project can fail now, as our neighbour

down the road; President Bush prefers to fly in and out the area from Gray.

Construction is already in progress on Killeen’s brand now Special Events

Center. Located at the corner of W.S. Young Drive and Elms Road, the 64,000 square-foot facility’s foundation has been poured, and the city is already  fielding questions  about  bookings for its  use.

Actions are being taken to build a Highway 190 Bypass around Copperas Cove. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is looking at the project proposal at this time, and approval is expected soon. The bypass is planned to be laid out going south around Cove.

The Belizean Community,

 Alive and Kicking

June 16  & 17, 2001

Much closer to home: The Belizean community is unwell (participatory wise) a bit, but somehow, we’re still functioning.  There are a lot of you  that’s gone whom we really miss, and wish you’d come back before what we’d started as a good thing here exists no more.

There are a number of projects in the works, and activities planned.  One such activity is to participate in the Dallas International Festival, with plans on doing so not looking quite promising right now.

There is a an annual Hail & Farewell Get-together coming up soon in

Killeen, as a number of our most cherished members will be moving on by

the month’s end.  Stay tuned for date, time and place.

Thus far this year, *Star* has gone back to Belize. Clive is in Kuwait on a 1-year tour. Brian has also moved on, and is

now in Fort Stewart, Georgia.  Congratulations goes to Verne and Kendra, who gave birth to a healthy 6lbs 4oz baby boy on 25th March, 2001.

His name is Malik “Verne” Palacio.   Also to Brian and Shanna, who pulled a double wammy, with twin boys, born 5 April, 2001.  Mom and babies are well.

We welcome Monica Beckford to the community. Monica, who hails from Tela, Honduras, and resides in Austin, was added to our Directory in January.

Several other Belizeans and Garifuna are here. Some have made initial contact with the association, while the rest has chosen to stay lost. No longer will any names be revealed or published in the directory unless specifically requested   In the long run, if not sooner, the directory will become a thing of the past.

Lastly, preparations are already on the way for the 4th GSD Celebration in Killeen.  We’re trying our best to hold the event for the first time in a hall this year, with one found in Harker Heights for a reasonable rate. 

Fundraising effort to begin soon, as having Andy P. here still very much a part of plans. Significant progress has already been made for this to happen.  

We’re also asking for recommendations on a deserving Garifuna to whom this year’s event should be dedicated.

Stay Tuned ……..

Sungubei Wageyah Ta Abahn.

…….Aw la we da wan……

u kno

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