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Texas Garifuna-Belizeans Community

Published for & by the Garifuna-Belizean Community of  Killeen/Texas

ISSUE NUMBER:  002-2000                          September 2000


...Is This The Coming of a Prophecy....or key to Our Path in the New Millennium??...

Liliwagu Satuye Niledi,

Like you I do not endorse Aranda's modus operandi, butI applaud his courage and his vision in forming The World Garifuna Organization to seek "reparation" for the Garinagu.

In 1941, fifty-eight years ago, Thomas Villanueva Ramos planted the seed in this Millennium. That seed germinated and gradually grew. We are now beginning to harvest and reap. When T.V. began, his theory was first rejected. Peopled jeered, people scoffed, people derided. He was also stoned according to eye witnesses. He was discredited off the rostrum near Genico and Bowman by a popular Garifuna politician (Legislative Representative). Anti Protestant (Wesleyan) bias clouded the sense of judgment  and did not allow us to accept  T.V.'s idea or vision. Have you heard this before? "A prophet goes unheeded in his own home."

In my view the two greatest events in the history of Garinagu during this century are: "The Founding of Garifuna Settlement Day" and the establishment of "The World Garifuna Organization."

The words of Thomas Villanueva Ramos resonates throughout the Garifuna Nation, "You will fight over the legacy I leave behind.  Hageindaguba luagu.  Ni men nisanigu, mabara bayan lidan."

Lau le nawisaha. Buin lamugai ayumahani seruti hibagari.

Mr. Clifford Palacio,
Former President of the Garifuna Association of Los Angeles, California
Civic Leader, Los Angeles Garifuna Community


Subject:  Reparation
    Date:  Fri, 14 Jul, 2000
   From:  Anonymous.

"I know there are some friction over the language issue (within the Garifuna nation), but what is the real deal with the political tension between the two organizations (WGO and NGC, Belize).  Is it a personality thing or a conflict of missions/goals/raison d'etre?"

Subject:  Re:  Reparation
    Date:  14 July 2000
   From:  Anonymous.

The reparation issue is a whole new can of worms.  Briefly, it an attempt to force the British Government to pay for its misdeeds against the Garifuna nation on the island of Yurumei(Saint Vincent) in the 1790s.  Information is being released in a peacemeal fashion, and the biggest concerns has to do with:
(a) why is the reparation issue not open to a public forum/referendum,
(b) why the major Garifuna organizations seemingly are not involved the the processes/possible outcomes,
(c) who and how were the leaders chosen,
(d) where are the recources coming from to undertake a challenge of this magnitude.

All the above are legimate questions; to be sure, but it my uniformed opinion that we are not seeing a level playing field.  Either that, or we're playing a game in which the rules are being defined as it goes along.  Now, how sad is that?  Needless to say, there's much more to this reparation issue than is being discussed, or revealed.


    Date:  3 April, 2000
   From:  Anonymous.

"....At any rate, I'd like your opinion on this matter:
How is is this WGO different from the NGC?  What Function is the WGO serving that NGC isn't?"

Subject:  WGO
    Date:  3 April, 2000
   From:  Joseph R. Flores

.......Am leaning towards making this Reparation issue the headline of our upcoming Newsletter.  The more I think of it, the more convinced I am that there are some folks out there who's hopeing and working very hard on keeping this matter under tight wraps.  Just as strongly, I feel that somebody need step up to the plate and put (expose) the information out there for all to see, and to generate free and open discussions amongst the people it's suppose to be all about and for.

Right now, am thinking about what manner or format to present this information on hand in -  either straight out the can like we have it (Reporter type), or in a prepared article (Commentary).  Am also formulating a list of questions for Mr. Felix "Igemeri" Miranda and/or Dr. Ted Aranda that; if and when responded to, will answer some things I have in my own mind, and thereby make what's put out there more complete, if not understandable.

For example; right now, am aware of where we are as far as reaching that goal.  But, what I'd like to know is;

......Who were at the Organization's April meeting in Dangriga, and what groups did they represent.

......Why is there such a disparity, and obvious disunity; for that matter, between the 1994 International Gariguna Organization/WGO agreement and the way in which the National Gariguna Council of Belize wants to sees things, and wants the situation now handled.

......Most importantly, how and why were the officers 'our' organization selected without any recommendation from the people, if indeed the WGO  is a representative body of the Garifuna Nation.

......Why aren't more of our educated and/or able people more involved in the process; either voluntarily or by invitation.

These are just some of  my thoughts right now, but I got to didi out of here.

To tell you the truth; what's here is already looking like an article.

Joseph R. Flores

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