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ISSUE NUMBER:  003-2000                December,  2000

NGC response

to the WGO invitation

        Mon, 06 Nov 2000 13:30:46 -0600
        "Dr. T. Aranda" <>

                        FOR YOUR INFORMATION

16th October, 2000

Mr. Roy Cayetano
President National Garifuna Council
Pablo Lambey Centre
Dangriga, Belize

Dear Mr. Cayetano,

I have been advised by the Executives of World Garifuna Organization to reiterate to you and the National Garifuna Council their sincere interest in inviting the National Garifuna Council to join the WGO as member representing the country of Belize. The WGO feels that as the Garifuna Movement representing Belize, this is the respectable thing to do.

We would like to inform you that World Garifuna Organization is undertaking some work projects in the Garifuna communities of Hopkins, Barranco, and
Georgetown. We are in the planning stages of setting up some projects in the towns of Dangriga and Punta Gorda. We would like to work with NGC on these WGO projects since the goal is not to undermine the right and privileges of NGC. These projects are the initiative of individuals and those communities. WGO stands ready, in the interest of unification of Garinagu all over, to sit with you and the NGC to discuss the terms of your membership. Please let me know when and where you would like this to take place.


Dr. Theodore Aranda
Paramount Chief

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