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ISSUE NUMBER:  003-2000                December,  2000
Roy Cayetano responds to Hon. Theodore Aranda

October 28, 2000

National Garifuna Council
Head Office:  Pablo Lambey Garifuna Cultural Centre
Commerce Street, Dangriga
Phone: (501) 5-23781 -  Fax:  5-23282

Editor Sir,

        A letter from the Hon. Theodore Aranda was published in several newspapers on the weekend of October 20, 2000.  I noted that it was addressed to me in
my capacity as President of the National Garifuna Council.  Neither I nor the National Garifuna Council will be drawn into a public debate about the merits or demerits of joining the WGO.  Our position was expressed in a statement that was published in the newspapers in early December, 1999.  Therefore, with respect to the letter to the letter from Dr. Aranda, I simply wish to make three points:

        Firstly, we do not believe that any differences that may exist between us should be taken to the public before we have given ourselves a fair chance to discuss and resolve it.

        Secondly, I never received Dr. Aranda's letter.  It was never delivered to our office at the Pablo Lambey Centre in Dangriga, to which it was addressed, nor to my home or my place of work.

        Thirdly, the Executive Chairman of the WGO, Mr. Kenrick Glasgow, who resides in New York, (not Dr. Aranda) did send us a written invitation to join his organization.  We had been in communication with Mr. Glasgow whom I had informed that the matter had been put on the agenda for discussion and a possible decision at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the NGC that was to take place on Saturday, October 22.

        In view of the above, one can only speculate about what might have been the motive for the publication of the letter in question.


(Signed)  E. Roy Cayetano

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