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ISSUE NUMBER:  003-2000                December,  2000


 A Day of Reflection

By:  Joseph R. Flores

November 19th, 2000 marks the 59th year since the Government of Belize acknowledged the mass arrival of the Garifuna people to the country in 1932.  This was achieved through the persistent efforts of Mr. Thomas Vincent Ramos, along with his delegation of Mr. Domingo Alexander Ventura andMr. PantaleonHernandez, who went all the way to the highest echelon of the government, in quest of the legal authority to set aside a day on which their people could celebrate this memorable occasion.

In the year 1941, when the day was officially named Carib Settlement Day, no holiday was given.

In 1942 and 1943, only the Southern districts of Stann Creek and Toledo were granted holidays.

It eventually became a  National holiday in 1977,. the only Race of People anywhere in world .

The 19th of November, or the Day of the celebration, should be set aside by all Garinagu, wherever they may be, as a day on which to remember their repatriation from the Island of Saint Vincent to the shores of Central America.  This day of Reflection should galvanize the spirit and the fortitude that brought us through all our trials and tribulations, to the present, as a unique race of People.

The Garinagu throughout the world must; on this day, give thanks to Our Almighty for watching over us from the beginning of our existence as a People, to the end of time.

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..Have a Happy Garifuna Settlement Day..
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