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ISSUE NUMBER:  003-2000                December,  2000
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Gary’s  TV/VCR Service & Repair
Camcorders * Monitors * Stereos * Big Screen * Microwaves * & More
                              Belizean; Gary Coleman - Owner
1000 Bluebird Lane............................Harker Height, Texas
            (254) 690-7390
Proud  Member; Belizean  Association  in  Killeen


Don Justo’s Products

Guribiyuwa: Featuring Elvira "Guribiyuwa" Lambey, with a collection of Punta and Heugeu-Heugeu songs.
Furieyegi Leremu Fedu; First and Only Garifuna Christmas Album, with 12 of the most favorite Christmas hymns, like O Little Town of Bethlehem and O Come All Ye Faithful.
Reggae Nuwanee No. 1: Featuring, Eugene Bonilla Sr, Fidelis "Maga" Garcia, “Virgin"Enriquez, & Livingston Guatemala Creole; Maria Elliot, with songs such as Wuri Wyebayawa, Billy Kaimon, Tilee Bugudura,
The Great Isabel Flores - In Hollywood: Featuring The Famous Garifuna Drummer "Isawelu" himself, with a variety of Garifuna  songs, such as Baiba Bagaira Haguchi Namulenu, Dunuru, Yaga Budu, Sundai Mala, and Mama Nererun
In Memory of T. V. Ramos; The Father of the Garifuna Settlement-Day  Celebration: A collection of his favorite Garifuna songs and hymns. Featuring, Frances Nolberto.
Tumba Le - A Garifuna Novel; (1977):  A fictionalized version of day to day life of the Black Caribs in Central America; their hopes, fears, and aspirations.
The Garifuna Story - Now & Then; (1979):  A definitive history of the Garifuna people; from their inception as Carib Indians in the Orinoco region of South America to their exodus to the United States.
A Study of the Reading and Writing of Garifuna - Garifuna/English/Spanish
Dictionary; (1983): Hailed as the first Garifuna Dictionary compiled and published by a Garifuna.
The History of the Writing of Garifuna in Our Time - "Say It As You See It"; (1990): Is a Garifuna anthropological study of the reading and writing of the Garifuna language. It also gives a history of Thomas V. Ramos.
Now or Never - To the Future of the Garifuna Language; (1992): In this book, Don Justo explores the coining; 'lexical expansion', of new words, such as University;
The Garifuna Story - Now and Then: Book 2; (1993): provides a qualitative analysis of the Black Caribs in the Caribbean, their subsequent banishment and establishment of a new homeland and a new life in Central America.
Bilingual Garifuna Study; (1994): An in-depth analysis of the Garifuna language, interspersed with historical events, to illustrate how the language may have developed.
Life & Obituary of Aunt Dominica - A Bilingual Garifuna Story; (1995): A
Garifuna and English version of the life of Mrs. Dominica Guerrero,


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.Posters                Ras Bob,    Buck   &  Ben Flores          .Dolls.Incense
            .Punta Rock   .Roots Rock   .Lover’s Rock  .Hot Soca
                                  & Don Justo’s Products
 1404 W. Vernon Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90062
Tel: (323) 292-5214 . Fax: (323) 292-5215
E-mail:  or  Bendaflo@


Sellis Records
William "Bill" Cayetano: Exec-Producer


Los Angeles Belizean Educational Network.
A non-profit public benefit educational organization, whose main goal is to promote education among Belizeans.
We welcome comments, educational and informative articles, and community announcements.
L.A.B.E.N. NEWS Membership Donation: $10.00/year.
Write to: L.A.B.E.N., P.O. Box 191701, L.A., CA 90019 ~ Call/Fax to: (323) 732-0200   e-mail:
or Visit us Online

Mary Kay Cosmetics
Dorienne Arzu-Bonilla: Products Representative
Contact at: (254) 699-4466

Bodega Puerto Rico
Killeen Belizeans Market
Family Owned & Operated by: Ray Ramos
527 West, Bus. Hwy 190 - Veterrans Memorial Blvd, Killeen
Shop here for many of your Food Ingredients and Products;  including:
Rice, Beans, Plantains, banana, coconut milk,
Belizean Flags (of all sizes) and key chains
Reggae Nuwani II CD by; Bill Cayetano.
meet Garifuna and Belizeans here.... or leave message

26 Elizabeth Street,
Benque Viejo Del Carmen,
Belize, Central America
Producers & Distributors
of Belizean and Garifuna Records, including:
Featuring Paranderos:
Gabaga Williams of Dangriga, Belize
Aurelio Martinez from La Ceiba, Honduras,
Lugua Centeno from Belize City and Honduras,
Jurisino Cayetano from Livingston, Guatemala,
Junie Aranda from Dangriga: "Paranda music means to me as a Garifuna enjoyment. When I was a little boy, I loved Paranda and then I decided in my mind that when I grow up I am going to buy a guitar for myself. The first work that I did I bought my guitar."
Paul Nabor from P.G.: "A spirit came to me and said "This is the song you're going to play, you try it." And I tried it and I went through, so I'm happy to know France on account of this box (guitar), I know Mexico on account of this box and I've had this box in my hand for 40 years."
Dale Guzman, and Andy Palacio as a guest artist.
CD Released in Europe, the United States, and available in Belize at your favorite music store.
Paranda is licensed to Warner Classics; a division of  Warner Brothers.


And let the adventures begin.
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