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We now have the following:

Garifuna Fest 2001 - Feel The Rythm (DVD Edition)

For only: $23.97

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Garinet is currently averaging two million hits per month. With so much potential to expose your event, we have put together a set of comprehensive and inexpensive packages for you. As you can see, you will not pay anymore than for posting your event. We recommend that you first submit your event before you make your payment, but if your event has been submitted and all you need to do is pay, please select click here to make your payment. You may also pay with check or money order.

To pay by check or money order, please click here

Package Description Price
Event OnlyListing of your event on the Gari-Events section$5/week
Event+MapListing of your event on the Gari-Events section and Color Direction Map for clear directions of your attendees$10/week
Event+EmailListing of your event on the Gari-Events section and publishing to the garinet email list. Our email list is constantly growing therefore providing an explosive exposure of your event to thousands. Why is this important, you might ask? Well there are potential clients out there that may not visit the site unless they receive an email to alert them of new events. That's exactly what we intend to do, wake up those that are sleeping to virtually walk them to your event.$19/week
Event+Email+FlyerAre you really looking to attrack the masses to your event to increase your profit? This is the package that provides the maximum exposure of your event. We wont only list it on the Gari-Event section, nor just email the members of our huge email list, but we will also post your flyer for them to have a visual of the great event you're putting up. Not enough for you? Fine, we'll throw in the Directional Map as a bonus for FREE, so they wont get lost on their way to your event!$25/week
Pay with check or money order here
NOTE: Your event will be posted as soon as your payment is received.

EVENTS MENU: View Events | Submit an Event | Event Rates