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You are here: Music > Garifuna Slow Jams > Wamatina Tun - She Is In Love With Me

James Lovell

Wamatina Tun - She Is In Love With Me

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  1. Wuri Garifuna - Adapted
  2. Chubana Le Lugumuhoun - Adapted
  3. Idaluba Nawewandun - Adapted
  4. Hisientibunu Suwandan - Adapted
  5. Dale Nabuserunibu - Adapted
  6. Wamatina Tun - Adapted
  7. Houn Sun Wurian Ha Hisientia Nu - Adapted
  8. Abuhan Lidan Nisamina
  9. Why Cant We Love Each Other
  10. Idamesan [View Music Video]

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About James Lovell
James Lovell is a Garifuna originally from Belize in the early nineties. Born with a gift to sing, this ability gave him the opportunities to perform in elementary and high school talent shows in Belize, and neighboring countries.

After graduating from high school, James joined the Belize Police Band where he learned to play several instruments such as the guitar, bass guitar, clarinet, euphonium, saxophone and keyboards. While in the
Police Band, James took advanced music correspondence courses from the Royal School of Music in England. He learned how to read music and to arrange musical compositions.

In 1990, James put his music career on hold and joined the United States Marine Corp. Four years later he received an honorable discharged.

James is also the Music Director as well as the Vice-President of Ilagulei (roots) Garifuna performing Arts Company Inc. In 1995 he produced his First CD Titled Cabasa Numari (who is going to be my wife); James is the original author of this song, however it was first recorded by La Tribu Garifuna. In addition Estrellas Ubow pre-recorded Hesientibunu (I like you) which was also written by James. James is currently signed to Punta Rock Records, one of the largest Record Label Companies promoting the Garifuna Artist/ Bands.

When asked about his goals and aspirations as an Artist and Educator, he replies, “To uplift, promote and procure the Garifuna Culture. To expose Garifuna Arts and music to the world, and to introduce a unique and different type of music which will add a new dimension to the music world.” He also wants to educate and enlighten Garifuna and non-Garifuna about the history and the culture of the race.
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Headline: libimebri eremu ah!
Email: Note: a proud garifuna!
Review: Agambanumuti la amule James CD. Mama lubuidu lagambu. I was thrilled to hear this cd. First of it's first of its kind whereby one could sit and listen and enjoy slow jam with the love of your life.

If you are in love, thinking about love, hoping to be in love, buy this CD. You'll win your lover's heart!

Headline: One of the great of the greatest
By: Rony P. Email: Eibuganali@ Note: a proud mix Garifuna
Review: Man, James lovell is great because his lirycs are clear i think the type of music james lovell sing should inspire other Garifuna musicians to sing the way he does because, boy!! he is the bom an Garifuna slow jams should be made more often..Soh agambabai guenle James lovell numadagunu!!!

Write your own review about this product!


I am satisfied with your products and services. Honestly, I was surprised to see it delivered in the timeframe mentioned on the site.


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