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Honduras to open aid office for its nationals hit by Hurricane Katrina
Nov 15, 2005
Honduras today said it would open a government aid office in New Orleans to support the more than 80-thousand Hondurans who lost their

Local Mother Returns From El Salvador
Nov 14, 2005
A local mother has just returned from El Salvador. ... Morales says her son was molested several times by Nerio, who is hiding in his home country of El Salvador.

Belize operator banned over fatality
Nov 12, 2005
Vance Cabral, owner of Advance Diving in Placencia, and dive guide Mark Tucker have been banned by Belize's Tour Operators Licensing Board.

Immigrant artist driven by work
Nov 11, 2005
Since coming to Washington in 1984 from war-torn El Salvador, Karlisima Rodas waited tables and taught school before gaining international

Belize must serve the best interest of its children to keep the C.R.C. promise
Nov 11, 2005
When Belize attended the March meeting on the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Geneva, Switzerland the International committee lambasted the government

The next generation of Garifuna movement will be lead by Garinet Global
Nov 10, 2005
When exploring events in history, most people can relate to major occurrences that impacted a huge amount of people in one way or another. The Garifuna people has had its share of great events in its 200+ years of history. Once a community in one single place, St. Vincent (Yurumein), now extended through out many parts of the world with little contact with the rest of their group. Garinet Global is about to change all that!

Situation Remains Critical in Honduras Due to Torrential Rains
Nov 07, 2005
Several days of torrential rains keep the situation in northeast Honduras critical, chiefly due to flooding rivers, the

Nicaragua: Government, Opposition Resume Talks
Nov 06, 2005
parties with parliamentary representation and the government of President Enrique Bolaños marked the political life during the past week in Nicaragua.

Illegal timber from Honduras reaching the United States
Nov 05, 2005
Authors of report, titled "The Illegal Logging Crisis in Honduras,? say that officials in Honduras regulate and collect taxes on only a fraction of timber

Honduras evacuates thousands as rains lash coast
Nov 03, 2005
Emergency workers were evacuating 12,000 people from Honduras' low-lying Caribbean coastal villages on Thursday, after



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