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Do you Gari? » Garinagu in the 21st Century...The importance of your vote.
Nov 07, 2000

Dear Friends:

Allow me to get in your email by reminding you that this time is a very important time for the Garifuna community to cast their vote and promote our culture. Being witnesses to the changes we are currently facing, it is rather important for members of our community to become part of the process that's changing the demographic phase of Americans and its citizens.

My name is Jerry Castro and I am a full supporter for the candidate that has plans to construct the current education problem that nation is facing, especially the city of New York. Mainly because the ones that's really affected from this issue are the young Garifuna and
those from the many different ethnic backgrounds. As a Garifuna, I am looking into the future to see our kids get the proper education so that they can be our doctors, lawyers, bankers and so. It is important that you (all) spread the importance of voting. Not just because of the plans of the best candidate, but it is your constitutional right that you must use.

Also, I want thank and congratulate those of you who are in college and those who will graduate in the summer of 2001. I want you to know that you are the strength that makes me what I am, and I hope that you recognize that your talents is something that "Babba" gave you as a guide in this confused society.

Last but not least, I want to call for all of you to have a Garifuna Student Forum (GSF). There is a serious problem among our community that needs to be taken care of. The need to spread that language is highly important as well as the essence of our culture. As students and role models, we need to reach those young kids involved in the deviant society and try to help them. Jen, I have looked up to you because of the talent you possess. There are many young Garifuna girls who are leaving home and not attending school and getting $5.15 jobs to try to support themselves. Edwin, your vision to create a show for us and the general public is something that will support, therefore you should also be a center part of this drive. Jorge, my man, garinet.com has reached the seven continents. I believe that the time to connect to our people has come. Should any of you come with a suggestion on how can we get to our people, please reply and let's arrange a meeting. Murphy, your aid to assist our community
has been dearly appreciated. As a viewer of the show, I must congratulate you in a noble way that President Clinton is congratulate. However, "Centro America Show" should be the home of what we are trying to accomplish. Last but not least, Dave. Your influence as an attorney is needed because my people need to know about their rights and where they should turn whenever conflicts arise.

The purpose of this email my friends, was mainly to inform you about what needs to be done to construct the confidence of our people. Personally, I get sick when the general public does not know about us but we know about them. I get sick when a friend of mine has to look somewhere else because his people do not have access. I get sick that we, one day, will become professionals yet we have not helped our people. I urge to take this time of year and think about ways we can manage to preserve our culture. I was born a Garifuna, I think like a Garifuna, I eat Garifuna and conduct myself as a Garifuna. There are others who need to be taught, with our music and history, what does it mean to be a GARIFUNA.

Feel free to reply to this email.

Sincerely yours,
Jerry Castro

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