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Gari-News » CELEO ALVAREZ TAKES THE BRONX BY STORM: Why you should attend this important event!
Nov 07, 2003



Bronx, NY 11/1/2003

"Uwara wayabi, uwara wadiwa - together we came - together we stay", said Francisco Colon from Nueva Armedia, Atlantida Honduras.

Celeo Alvarez made a roaring appearance this afternoon in the South Bronx where he met with members of the Garifuna organizations, as well as Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

The meeting was about the proceedings of the ONECA conference to take place at the United Nations in December 2003. Many invitations have been sent to members of New York City and State governments as well as dignitaries from the United Nations and the Congress of the United States.

"I am happy to announce that Bronx Borough President has agreed to support and participate in this Conference", said Mr. Alvarez who dressed in a traditional white button shirt with Kangaroo hat.

"We met with him yesterday and he has pledged his support."

Besides informing the public about the up coming events that will take place in at the United Nations, many people who attended the meeting expressed their points of view about how important the event of December is.

Raymond Martinez from Garifuna Enterprise expressed the importance about the event.

"This event is a big event and I feel pround to lend a hand in what seems to be the greatest stage of the world to hold an assembly.", said Mr. Martinez who also appealed to the community in regards to the issue of the Garifuna Coalition's decision not to be affiliated with ONECA.

The meeting was attended by business, community leaders who featured the young and older representatives that included: Pablo Gomez, Luz Solis, Cesar Arzu, Murphy Valentine, Mirtha Colon, Victor Flores, Francisco Ruiz, Virgilio Lopez, Milton Guity, Maria Elena Maximo, J. King, George Centeno and the appearance of former Ms. Honduras, Erika Ramirez.

The IX ONECA General Assembly is scheduled to take place from December 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th at the Church Center of the United Nations located on 777 44th street (United Nations Plaza 2nd floor). According to the event's organizers, they are anticipating the representations of 45 people from Honduras; 10 from Honduras; 10 from Nicaragua; 10 from Guatemala and 3 from Panama.

"Invitations have also been sent to El Salvador, the neighbor nations of the Caribbean and South America", said Ms. Mirtha Colon, who presided the meeting.

The American campaign of organizations to attend have also initiated which will be followed by Mr. Celelo Alvarez' scheduled trip to nation's capital of Washington, DC next week.

Last year's Assembly was held in Costa Rica where most of ONECA's affiliated organizations attended in the exotic Central American republic.

Lidani and Garinet.com will keep you updated as new information becomes available in planning of this historic event.

If you want to participate, you can contact 718-402-6452. Organizations in the west coast of the United States are encouraged to participate by contacting the provided telephone number or by sending an email to: mircolon@aol.com.

"We would like to have many of the organization's in the US to participate because their participation is vital", said Ms. Colon.

Lidani News Wire.



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