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Do you Gari? » Garifuna Collections of Jerry Castro: Essay 1 of 1
Sep 09, 2003


On January of this year, I was informed about a special holiday for
Garinagu granted by the Guilliani administration in 1998, a year after
the bicentennial celebration in Honduras and two years after the
Garifuna Holiday in Guatemala.

It appears that Garinagu now have a holiday in key places like Los
Angeles, New York, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. St. Vincents on the
other hand celebrates Josef Chatoyer Day, the man who have been
proclaimed the Chief of the Garifuna Army during the Exile, was
approved by the St. Vincents Council in the late 1990's on March 11.

The celebration in New York did not spark any excitment. Mainly because
of the lack of information provided by to the community through its
organizations and the lack of participation by its community.

Having a holiday in New York, the Capital of the World, is an epicenter
of achievments proclaimed by the struggle. So all of these celebrations
about Thanksgiving, September 15 and all of these meaningless events
that have crippled the struggle should be on hold and concentrate in
2004 to officially make the tradition of having a Garifuna holiday in
the sake of the Garifuna children who little by little will deny who
they are based on the steps taken by the ones who claim to know it all.

Garifuna or the Garinagu movement in the United States should
concentrate in Garifuna affairs and commonwealth. It doesn't hurt to
affiliate with others to get their jobs done. However, cleaning up your
house should be a main priority instead of others.

About the Author:
Jerry Castro is a Garifuna from Livingston on the coasts of Guatemala.
His contribution os scriptures about the Garifuna Saga can be read on
Garinet.com as he provides up close news of Garifuna affairs throughout
the world. His latest project includes Lidani Garifuna Times Magazine,
a circular that will provide information on education, business and
technology to the general population. He is also set to release a Novel
in November of 2003.

He is a college graduate who have been involved in community affairs in
New York. He currently resides in the Bronx, NY with his two children.

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