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    Welcome to
    Garifuna Education Support Group

    This section has been designed to allow Garifunas individuals to support each other on educational issues. By providing your information to be placed in the section below, you are volunteering to be contacted by other Garifunas who may need help or may have specific questions about your area of study.

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    Name Area of Study Contact Note
    Tania MolinaManagement Information Systems and Math Minorseremey@yahoo.comI am a math lover and I am willing to help anyone with math questions from Algebra to Integration and Derivatives(Calculus). Also have experience in C, C++, HTML and Visual Basic. Please feel free to contact me for any questions. Yo soy amante a las mathematicas, especialmente en el area de Algebra y Calculo. Tambien tengo experiencia en programacion C, C++, Visual Basic and HTML. Cualquier pregunta estoy a la orden.
    Rosemary BermudezBusiness Managementsweetrosie4_eva@yahoo.comI'm a part time musician. I am a lead singer in a garifuna group called Garifuna New Generation(GNG). I would really like to learn more of the garifuna language because it part of my culture and I am not fluent. However, I'm very good at music so I'd be more than willing to asssist anyone in some vocal skills, thory, and composition. If anyone is interested in having a good time I'm more than willing to let you know of any upcoming GNG parties.
    Yanira NunezOffice Administration and Technologysanchez_family_10456@yahoo.comI train people for interviews as a hobbie. I can help you make your interview less stressfull. I have my own business and also work for a bank. I would love to help my people. Do not hesitate to contact me.I will soon go back to school to obtain my MBA.
    Mercy NunezOffice Administration and Technologymercy07_1979@yahoo.comANY AREA
    Suyapa Fernandez-OrivalFinancial Analysisbenedith828@aol.comWe are New York licensed financial analysts. Our main target is to educate individuals on how to become financially independent, debt free, and budget your income. Please feel free to contact us.
    Nancy ArzuHuman Resources ManagementNancyMadison@dellnet.comMy field is human resources manag. so for anyone who is interested in the sub-field of manag. such as Recruiting, payroll, benefits or to learn abo ut management skills you can contact me. Also I tutor students in the field of English as a second language, French(since I am proficient on it), Mathematics all the way to calculus, accounting, and psychology(since that is my minor. Computers skills such Microsoft (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and access
    Freddy BlancoGraphic DesignerJusdesign@aol.comI'm a proffesional Graphic Artist willing to contribute in any graphic design need. I'm also experienced in desktop publishing, mainly using Macintosh Computers and some PC. If any one needs assistance in those areas, feel free to contact me.
    Cinthia GuityComputer ScienceCCG1206@yahoo.comI am willing to help anyone who needs it in the following computer programs: Information Process Spreadsheet/Excel(basic) Database/Access(basic) Visual Basics(basic) C+(basic) Basic Networking Layout
    Celania RamirezChemical Engineeringcelaniar@hotmail.comAny type of math, chemistry, physics, and engineering work
    Jennifer BlancoPsychologystarry_36@yahoo.comPeer counselor
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    Por favor entre su informacion para que sea puesto en esta lista.
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