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Don Justo

The Garifuna Story - Now & Then

(1979): A definitive history of the
Garifuna people;from their inception as Carib Indians in the Orinoco region of South America, through their adventures in the Lesser Antilies and amalgamation into Black Caribs, their deportation, trials and tribulations in their new homeland of Central America, and exodus to the United States. Here, Don Justo vividly relates the horrors that the Garifuna has survived; The St Kitts Massacre, The San Juan Massacre. He wrote; for posterity, about the Legend of Alejo Benni, the famous Garifuna movie stars; The Lavoriels, the Great Garifuna drummer - Isabel Flores, musician - Yau Bante, and of Justo German Loredo Mean - A Garifuna with a Dream. This is a must read for all Garifuna and a literature that should grace all our homes and libraries........
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Acerca de Don Justo
Justin "Don Justo" M. Flores' lifetime achievements are notably extensive. He was not an educated man, but he was extremely talented, naturally gifted, and a forward thinker. Together with rearing his 16 children and a number of relatives, he; from an early age, found time in spearheading a number of projects; such as the Los Angeles Carib/Garifuna Settlement Day Celebration, and personally undertaking the production and publication of numerous materials; all in an effort of promoting the image and preserving the existence of his culture; the Garifuna People.

Don Justo sold and donated several of these materials himself while he was alive. Today, they can be found in many homes worldwide, and at the Barranco Library, in Punta Gorda, Belize as/for a permanent display/research purposes. But, 5 years after he passed away in 1994, there are still many copies of his products in storage, with very little being done to continue on with their intended purposes. His family has made a commitment to change all this; first, with the CD release of Reggae Nuwanee I and now the launch of this article to let it be known of these products availability.

In the interest of keeping Don Justo's spirit and intentions alive, below are brief descriptions of his available products. The following will allow you to view a listing of Don Justo's products, currently available for purchase.

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When I discovered, I was delighted to find a community-driven site devoted to all things Garifuna. Your company seems to offer the most comprehensive inventory of Garifuna books, music, and video available on the internet.

Carey Little
San Jose, CA

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The Garifuna Story - Now & Then - Don Justo
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The Garifuna Story - Now and Then: Book 2 - Don Justo
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