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New Websites » Garinet launches GarifunaCommunity.com & GariChat.com
Nov 16, 2005

Jorge Garifuna
November 16, 2005

Garinet Global is proud to present two new websites of its growing network, GarifunaCommunity.com and GariChat.com. Both websites are fully bilingual in English and EspaƱol (ComunidadGarifuna.com).

These two websites are two components of Garinet's new service division, called Garinet Media Network. The Garinet Media Network will combine five of Garinet's most powerful attractions to offer unparallel service to the community while allowing businesses to reach out to their specific segments.

GarifunaCommunity.com brings together the Garifuna community from the United States , Honduras , Nicaragua , Belize , Guatemala and St. Vincent and the Grenadines . Each community is provided with its own state, city/town space to discuss issues of major interests within the community. There are also universal sections such as Garifuna History, Music discussions, finances, spiritual life, sports, real estate, politics, immigration and many more.

You may find all the greatness that GarifunaCommunity.com offers at the following link:


The Spanish version of GarifunaCommunity.com may be found at:


For those instances where a live session is desired, GariChat.com, provides live interaction sessions through an intuitive state of the art interface. Within a few weeks Garinet will start inviting special guests to GariChat.com to interact with the community live. You may start putting your requests as to what special guests you would prefer to see live on GariChat.com and Garinet will be more than happy to make the accommodations.

Have your live interaction at GariChat.com and make sure to tell your friends and family members about the exciting new ways that they can keep in touch with the Garifuna Community at:


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